Check out the Awesome: Bullseye! Archery at Trafalgar Middle School

By Hannah Lunn

Trafalgar Middle School’s Aboriginal Education program is hitting a bullseye with the new archery program!

Listen to Nathan Hoy, grade 7 Trafalgar student explain why archery is awesome in the video above.

Under the guidance of Mr. Chris Mieske, certified Archery Coach through the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP), the Aboriginal Education students have all had a chance over the last two months to learn the 11 Steps to Archery Success, practice with string bows, and now, have been firing arrows! 

There is a lot of safety protocol to review with archery, and the students have been exemplary leaders, showing respect for this traditional skill. We’ve enjoyed our group discussions around traditional skills, respect, and archery’s roots in Indigenous cultures. Students have embraced the the First People’s Principle of Learning that learning involves patience, and time.

 Read below for an interview with Chris Mieske, Grade 7 homeroom teacher and Aboriginal Education Academic Success Teacher.


What is your role in community? 

I am a middle school teacher at Trafalgar Middle School.


How did you become interested in your field/work?

 I’m excited to work with youth, and love the energy that they bring everyday.


What are some of your favourite moments in Aboriginal Education? 

Seeing students engage in authentic, meaningful activities and seeing students shine in an outdoor environment.


What are some of your dreams for your students in Aboriginal Education?

I want them to have every opportunity to live towards their dreams! 



We are all excited to see this program to grow and thrive!


Hannah Lunn

By Hannah Lunn