Check out the Awesome: Medicines to Help Us

By Jesse Halton, District Indigenization Coordinator

The 'Medicines to Help Us' kit is "based on Métis artist Christi Belcourt’s painting “Medicines to Help Us,” this innovative and vibrant resource honours the centuries-old healing traditions of Métis women. For this stunning set of twenty-seven gallery-quality prints and accompanying companion booklet, Christi Belcourt fuses her evocative artwork with Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and Western Science. With contributions from Métis Elders Rose Richardson and Olive Whitford, as well as key Michif phrases and terminology, Medicines to Help Us is the most accessible resource relating to Métis healing traditions produced to date."

Possible classroom uses:

Study First Peoples uses of plants; Understand names of local plants; Appreciate Métis art and imagery; Understand Métis narrative; Learn Michif-Cree and Ile-a-la-Crosse Michif words for plants; Learn Cree and Ojibway words for plants; Learn traditional Métis uses of plants for food and medicine; Compare Indigenous and Western worldview of resource use.

This resources supports many of the First Peoples' Principles of Learning such as Learning recongizes the role of Indigenous knowledge. 

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Please email Jesse or Hannah to borrow this resource.