Indigenous Run Walk

By Jesse Halton, District Indigenization Coordinator

Outlined below is another fabulous opportunity to promote health and wellness in our schools and community.

The ISPARC Indigenous Run Walk couch to 5km program is here!

Would you like to progress from almost no activity to being able to comfortably walk OR run the equivalent of 5 km?! Are you unsure of where to start? If you have not been active for a few months or longer, then this is the program for you!

This is an 8 week program that will culminate in our SD8 wuqanqankimik Reconciliation Run Walk.

The first week of the program starts April 12th.

The last week of the program ends June 4th.

The SD8 wuqanqankimik Reconciliation Run Walk will take place in our school district the week of June 7th.


Who can participate? EVERYONE! The Indigenous Run Walk program is for all people.


And, what? Will there be weekly draws for prizes and swag? Yes, there will be!!


Registration form here. Please register by April 9th 2021. Thank YOU!


Once you register, you will get a guide book, a logbook, and a weekly email from the SD8 Aboriginal Education team with coaching tips, stretches, warm up, and cool down activities. If you are registering as a class or program, please note that COVID protocol at your site must be adhered to.

Jesse Halton

By Jesse Halton, District Indigenization Coordinator