Louis Riel Day 2020

By Danica Weager, District Indigenization Coordinator

What an honour it was to witness the raising of the Métis flag yesterday at City Hall in Nelson. The District Aboriginal Team joined members from the West Kootenay Métis to honour this important day. The ceremony started with opening remarks and a history of Louis Riel by President of the West Kootenay Métis, Don Courson. We then heard from Métis members Christopher Yates and Maurice Trudel. The flag was raised by Don Courson and Métis Youth Representative and LVR graduate, Charly Defouw. Although things looked a little different this year, there are still beautiful ways to honour these important events. 



To learn more about Louis Riel Day and the Métis Nation, visit the Métis Nation of BC website. Here is an excerpt from their site:

“Louis Riel Day is traditionally celebrated in British Columbia and other parts of the country on Nov. 16 to commemorate the lengths to which Louis Riel went to to advocate for Métis rights in the 1880s. On Nov. 16, 1885, he was hung for treason after playing a large role in the historic Red River Rebellion. Traditionally, the Métis flag would be raised to commemorate this day around the province and Métis would gather to celebrate his memory in various ways.”

Thank you so much to Tom Weager Photography for capturing these beautiful photos.

Danica Weager

By Danica Weager, District Indigenization Coordinator