#SD8ABED Participates in Rock Your Mocs Week 2020!

By Hannah Lunn

Welcome to Rock Your Mocs Week 2020!


This week is an opportunity to participate in a positive opportunity to be united and celebrate Indigeneity by wearing authentic and Indigenous designed moccasins from November 15-21. We honour our ancestors and Indigenous peoples worldwide during Rock your Mocs Week. Take photos and post on social media with the hashtag #ROCKYOURMOCS. This hashtag creates an online photo album for the world to see and celebrate. Rock Your Mocs week was founded by Jessica 'Jaylyn' Atsye (Pueblo Laguna Tribe, New Mexico USA) in 2011 and has become a worldwide social media event.


Here are some FAQ's from the official website:

Why a week? The event was increased to a week creating more event opportunity days, especially for schools, people who work Monday – Friday, and people organizing events.

Do we have to wear our Mocs the whole week?  Nope! You can choose a day or days, or the whole week.

Is there a main day? The original day will always be November 15th.

Why: A positive opportunity to be united and celebrate tribal individuality by wearing moccasins. We honor our ancestors, and indigenous peoples worldwide, during Rock Your Mocs events and commemorate National Native American Heritage Month.

Where:  Wherever you may be! Wherever your day takes you!

How to join in:  Wear your moccasins or organize an event.


Check out #ROCKYOURMOCS on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


Hannah Lunn

By Hannah Lunn