SD8 Kootenay Lake supports Equity in Action

10 Practical Steps to Support Equity in Your School:

If equality means giving everyone the same resources, equity means giving each student access to the resources they need to learn and thrive[1].

Working from an equitable stance is taking steps towards Reconciliation.

  1. Know who your Aboriginal Education (Ab Ed) students are. How? Ask your school’s Aboriginal Education support worker and collaborate with them.
  2. Connect with Ab Ed support worker regarding supports for Indigenization, liaison supports, and student needs. What are the specifics of your student’s needs and how can we work together to meet them?
  3. Create a visible Aboriginal Education presence in your classroom and in the school and hallways.
  4. Stretch the Ab Ed content in your classroom – review the Ab Ed website for resources (
  5. Display full class Ab Ed learning (example: What are you doing for Orange Shirt day?).
  6. Be proactive to support all school-wide activities with Ab Ed perspectives (example: assemblies).
  7. Be explicit when teaching First People’s Principles of Learning.
  8. Know your data (example: ask your administrators about your students FSA results, Ab Ed specific academic needs from previous years, seek feedback from parents to learn their perspectives). 
  9. Take time to hear individual student’s stories. 
  10. Further reading:

This work supports the ongoing goals of the Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement, as well as the Aboriginal Education Department team goals, which are all aligned with the District Strategic Plan.