Check out the Awesome: Salmo Elementary School

By Jesse Halton, District Indigenization Coordinator

Aboriginal Education programming at Salmo Elementary School has some great highlights to share this winter. Kari-Lynn Hatt, Aboriginal Academic Success Teacher, shares what has been happening at Salmo Elementary School.

For Moosehide Campaign this year, k-6 classes participated and used the resource found on the District Aboriginal Education website. Students completed the moose head template as a task to represent their learnings about Moosehide Campaign. We brainstormed things we can be proud of, talents, skills and strengths about ourselves, lives and culture. The kids did a great job!

Inclusion Month at our school was based on our new code of conduct and "You Hold Me UP" by Monique Gray Smith. Students created pieces for a bullten board. The theme is "Ways to lift Each other up" and includes art from the grade 3/4 class. We brainstormed class to class about how to lift ourselves up as well as ways to lift and hold each other up. Aubree in Kindergartenshare that:  "We will all Float up Together!"

We are studying Nature Through the Seasons. Our seasonal wheel includes the Anishnaabe moon cycles as well as the months of the year. We have explored the unique ways to identify with the seasons and how indigenous people have always been connected to the land in all aspects of their cultures.  We have since discovered the Ktunaxa moon cycles as well as the Haida moon cycles (Taan's moons). We have been participating in land-based learning about animal adaptations and other ways animals cope with things! 

The grade 6's are delving into the Seven Sacred Teachings. They are learning about the teachings, the animals for each and did some great coloring of the seven teachings graffiti style lesson from Jeska Slater. These compliment our bulletin board of the teachings and animals. 

Jesse Halton

By Jesse Halton, District Indigenization Coordinator