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National Day of Awareness for MMIWG2S - May 5th

Content Warning: this topic may be sensitive for som


Superintendent's Report - April 2024

Spring has finally sprung! There is no surer sign that the seasons have changed than the beginning of eight weeks of training for our annual Reconciliation Run Walk Wheel taking place in all SD8 schools in June. The run offers weekly teachings on this year’s theme of Health, Wellness, and Reconciliation, along with training tips and information for all the staff, students and families who participate.

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Health, Wellness, and Reconciliation: Run Walk Wheel Training

The #sd8abed 8 week Run Walk Wheel training will start April 8th! This year’s theme is around Health, Wellness, and Reconciliation. Each week, there will be teachings shared around these themes, along with some tips and information for training to work toward the Reconciliation Run Walk Wheel in all SD8 Schools in June. We won’t be following any particular program, it will be up to staff to choose something listed on the website.

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Superintendent's Report - March 2024

This past month has been a flurry of physical, intellectual, social and emotional learning in our six families of schools as students engaged in activities that stretched their skills, and exercised their understanding, leading us toward our upcoming spring break from March 18 to April 1

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Check out the Awesome: Winlaw Elementary

Winlaw Aboriginal Education


Check Out the Awesome: KRSS

Kootenay River Secondary has been busy for the first half of the year. We have a large population of Indigenous students that have gathered for various educational and cultural activities. Some highlights for the fall were our walk for Truth and Reconciliation, Aboriginal Education Program assembly where Taeley did the Old School Fancy dance, poppy beading with Trina Williams for Indigenous Veterans Day, smudging with Angie Louie, Christmas Party, and teaching traditional dances to classes.


#sd8abed Cultural Offerings in Schools

This year, the #sd8abed department is committed to bringing Indigenous teachings into all schools, for full school assemblies and/or multi-class performances.  These opportunities honour rights holders, local knowledge and give all students an opportunity to learn and engage through Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Being, and Doing.  As a team at your school, you can decide how best this performance will be orchestrated with your school numbers and spaces.


Check Out the Awesome: Hume Elementary

In recent weeks at Hume Elementary we have been finishing up the story of "Sila and the Land" by Shelby Angalik (Inuk), Ariana Roundpoint (Mohawk), and Lindsay DuPré (Métis). Lessons from the Land that we have learned alongside Sila have included:

-the Salmon's teaching of the importance of returning home after an adventure and sharing one's stories and knowledge. As a symbol to help us remember this teaching we made our own sharing sticks. 

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Winter Wellness Resources

We hope your start to the year 2024 has been great so far. Recognizing we may experiences difficult times during these winter months, SD8 Aboriginal Education shares these Indigenous Wellness Resources.

Staff in Aboriginal Education in SD8 Kootenay Lake share the following tips for keeping healthy and well during the winter months:


Check Out the Awesome: WEG

WEG Drum Making Journey

First published on the SD8 Aboriginal Education site

Two students with medium-length blonde-brown hair wearing purple shirts are leaned over a moose hide laid out on a tarp on the grass and while wearing nitrile gloves the students are touching the hide.