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Metis Awareness Month 2023

School District #8 Kootenay Lake acknowledges Metis Awareness Month
SD8 Kootenay Lake celebrates and honours Metis culture, history, language, music, and art through the month of November. Please join us for Metis Awareness Month and learn about Metis Peoples in Canada, in BC, and what it means to be Metis. Bring resources into your classrooms that honour the heritage and culture of Metis Peoples. Below is a starting point to be shared with all staff in the district to support Metis Awareness Month 2023.

Online offerings & Events:
• Poppy beading (for students) – happening virtually and in-person in schools across SD8 Kootenay Lake.
• Speakers and workshops (for links and more info, email District Indigenization Coordinator.
      o November 6th, 845 – 930 am: Jigging with Madelaine McCallum
      o November 27th, 845 – 930 am: PLACEHOLDER, guest TBD
• Metis Flag Raising Ceremony – information coming
     o Each school in SD8 has a Metis Flag. Some keep theirs up year round, others will raise them during this month. If you want to discuss Flag Raising ceremony ideas, please connect with District Indigenization Coordinator. Please follow SD8 AP Flag Protocol.

Book Club:
• Buffalo is the New Buffalo – Metis Futurism – Chelsea Vowel – Please contact District Indigenization Coordinator if you are interested in joining the Book Club and they will get a book to you and add you to the list for the event link below! Recommended for adults.
• More info: CBC Books – Buffalo is the new Buffalo
• Virtual Book Talk – November 23rd, 315 pm to 415 pm with the Author, Chelsea Vowel

Resources: please see this document for resources, links, lesson plans, art, music, and Metis People!