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#sd8abed Cultural Offerings in Schools


This year, the #sd8abed department is committed to bringing Indigenous teachings into all schools, for full school assemblies and/or multi-class performances.  These opportunities honour rights holders, local knowledge and give all students an opportunity to learn and engage through Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Being, and Doing.  As a team at your school, you can decide how best this performance will be orchestrated with your school numbers and spaces.

This school year, we have welcomed Dan Nanamkin, and Patrick Alexandre. Coming up in the next couple of months, Madeline Terbasket will be sharing stories from their Nation, and Janelle Alladina will share Pow Wow teachings. In May, we will have Peter White sharing more Pow Wow teachings as we gear up for the SD8 Youth Pow Wow!

Also this year, Indigenous Sports and Games teachings will be offered in every school. An Elder and an instructor will come and deliver teachings of sports, games, and traditional teachings from across Turtle Island.

For more information, please connect with the District Aboriginal Team.