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Metis Awareness Month Resources

West Kootenay Metis - Connect with the local Metis Nation chapter

Metis Nation of British Columbia - Citizenship, governance, programs 

Dumont Institute: Virtual Métis Museum - Online museum that includes photo collections, language tools, and learning resources.

Dumont Institute: Back to Batoche Interactive Tour - An interactive tour on the colourful history and culture of the past and present Batoche.

National Film Board of Canada: Metis Films - The world’s largest online collection of Indigenous films contains sixteen different Metis films ranging from animated shorts to full-length documentaries.

Louis Riel Institute - Learn about Metis culture and traditions, with full descriptions of the Metis sash, the buffalo hunt, music and dance, and more. This website also hosts Michif language samples and tools to learn with the whole family.

SD8 Aboriginal Education Shared Resources - Metis Resources 

Colour Me Metis - colouring book

I’m Metis - colouring book

The Metis Sash - Some links sharing knowledge of the history of the sash, beginners steps for finger-weaving, and Elder knowledge of the Metis sash. 

Metis Experience in Residential Schools - Sharing stories of Metis Peoples’ experiences in the Indian Residential School system in Canada

Michif Language Resources - Online resources to connect with and learn the Michif language